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Company Profile
Foundated as Niwasho Denki Seitousho by Shoichi Niwa at 17
Ichirizuka-Cho, Seto City, Aichi Pref,
Designated as a munitions factory of the army and navy.
Canged organization to the corporation (capital:¥195,000.-).
Designated as JIS indicatable factory by Ministry of
International Trade and Industry.
Purchasad Magota Factory as the clay preparation factory to make a through process.
Incerased the capital to ¥780,000-
Purchased the site (13,560u) as head office and factory in
Kashiwai, Asahi-cho Arai. Higashikasugai-gun, Aichi Pref.
Increased the capital to ¥5,460,000-
Established Niwasho Dento-Hanbai Co., Ltd.
(capital:¥2,000,000-) to separate the sales section.
Started the first construction works of Kashiwai Factory and
Equipped Jopo-typed gas kiln and the latest continuous casting
unit in order to keep a quality of items.
Increased the capital of Niwasho Denki-Seitousho Co., Ltd. to
Increased the capital of Niwasho Dento-Hanabi Co., Ltd.
Purchaed the site (211u) in Gotanda, Tokyo, and built Tokyo
Sales Office.
Extended Kashiwai Factroy as the second construction works, and built new building to move the head office in this site.
Equipped de-airing pug mill and extruder.
Extended Kashiwai Factroy, snd increased 70m tunnel kiln.
Built the electric examination room, and completed testing unit
for insulator
Merged Niwasho Dento-Hanbai Co., Ltd. with capital of
Closed Ichirizuka Factory and moved those equipments to Kashiwai Factory, in order to unify production section.
As well, increased shipping factory to fix production system in the main factory.

1971: Increased the assembling factory for metal fittings. 1971: Built new factory (Fujioka Factory) in the site (3,747u) of Sanga, Fujioka-Mura, Nishikamo-gun, Aichi Pref., and started sales and production of advanced ceramics items.
1973: Closed Magota Factory due to the Iand-expropriation for railway
construction of Okata-Line (tne Jpanese National Railways)
Built the clay preparation factory with modern equipment in the site of main factory.
    1984: Equipped 17m tunnel kiln in Fujioka Factory to establish a production increase.
1986: Equipped NC-lathe. 1986: Equipped spray dryer in Fujioka Facotry to complete all process from materail supply.
1987: Built the moisture drying room.    
1988: Changed company name to NIWASHO CERAM Co., Ltd. 1988: Changed company name to NIWASHO CERAM Co., Ltd.
    1989: Equipped 40 tons pressing unit in Fujioka Factory to cope with production increase of the item with complicated shape.
1990: Increased NC-lathes to comlete all NC sytem.    
    1998: Extended and refit in Fujioka Factory to reinforce the production system.
1999: Equipped NC round shapper forming machine.    
    2000: Equipped 20m roller hearth kiln.
2001: Equipped the clay feeding unit for NC round shapper forming machine to aim at higher quality and cost reduction.    
    2010: Certified ISO9001[2008 version] at Fujioka Factory.
    2005: Certified ISO14001[2004 version] at Fujioka Factory.


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